For those who ended up using their paychecks quite fast and much to their regret, having a birthday of a loved one is a nightmare. There is no time to wait to give them a birthday present, and sometimes they await your present eagerly as you gave the best presents and other reasons are always there. So if you have some time, or can make some time, here are some do-it-yourself gift ideas. If you do the job right, then it will have the same look as a store bought item. 

Agate coasters

For those who like to leave beverages around the house, this can come as a small reminder as well. Agate is characterized by the bright rings of color and is good looking enough to fit into any interior decoration theme. To make this simple gift you need cardboard, tape, scissors, agate prints, spray glue, gold or other shiny spray paint and a mod podge.

Then stencil the agate print onto cardboard (2 cardboard pieces are required for each agate coaster). Following the stencil, tape two pieces of the cutout stencil together until completely bound and covered with tape. Then spray paint them with the shiny paint. Then glue the agate prints onto the spray painted cardboard piece. By applying a layer of mod podge you make them waterproof. After leaving them for a while you are done.

Soy candles

Instead of the regular paraffin ones, soy candles in Australia are preferred due to their longer burning time, natural ingredients, and non-toxicity. To make these you will need soy wax, a salsa jar or other small jar, wicks, wick stickers, wick bar, jasmine oil, dye chips, thermometer and a small pouring pitcher. Firstly you will melt the wax using a double broiler (around till 185 0F) and then add the color ships and gently stir until the chips have melted.

Then add the jasmine oil for fragrance by removing the melted wax from heat and stirring well while adding the oil. Then while the wax is cooling add the wick sticker on the bottom of the wick and put the wick in dead center of the small jar you picked. When the wax has cooled to around 125 0F, pour it into the glass jar with careful handling. Then place the wick bar onto the jar and connect the placed wick with the wick bar until taut. Allow to cool overnight at room temperature.

DIY gifts are much easier to make and are more meaningful to the receiver and they can use this candle while having a Numi tea. The only downside is actually finding time to make these items as they tend to take up a day or so for a good finished product.

The concept of ionized water is one that has become quite popular in the recent times. Scientifically, this is when the usual pH value of the liquid is increased to a value above 7. This makes it a basic medium and different from what we drink on a daily basis. There is quite a debated about whether or not this concept is one that is actually beneficial or one that is simply a trend that will die off in a few years.

Athletes need to maintain powerful muscle movements in order to be the best at what they do. Pushing your body to work harder than it is typically used to, results in it producing more hydrogen ions than the amount that is expelled through the body. The increase in hydrogen ions translates to an elevation of acidity in the system which isn’t good for the health. Hiking water filter helps to regulate this ion balance and essential to have stored for an emergency by adding a basic nature to the system. This way, athletes can operate their muscle efficiently, without having to worry about the changes in pH level within their body.

It is believed that drinking alkaline water is beneficial for the digestive system; specifically the gut.  It helps in the detoxification process by reducing the prevalence of harmful microorganisms. However, this does not mean that one should drink ionized water all the time. The inbuilt mechanisms within the body are equipped with the capability of fighting these microorganisms as well. Not regulating the ion content that you put in your body can also result in some adverse conditions. Therefore, you should use this special type of hydration wisely.

While there are many commercial water products that claim to have high levels of calcium, potassium, bicarbonate and silica, there are also filter systems that allow you to obtain ionized water without much hassle or expense. Since ionization is used as a purifying mechanism in these systems, you don’t need to worry about excess bases entering your system. Instead, you will be consuming water with a regulated amount of ions.

While the filtering system would allow everyone access to this type of hydration, having to buy specific products for the purpose would be very expensive.  This will ultimately be an unnecessary expenditure because ionized water isn’t something that everyone needs. A person can live a long and healthy life by drinking regular water.  Therefore, don’t waste your money trying to buy this product if it is bound to become a financial burden for you.